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I used to think I was invincible, that a little sunburn never hurt tibe one. In the Western world everyone wants their skin to be a little bit darker, bronzed or olive and advertising is saturated with ways for us to get there. It goes to show how we will never be happy with the looks we've got. I never thought about the lasting affects it would have on my skin.

The first coat of sunblock pretty much tbue nothing. With my wedding coming up this year I vowed and declared to be sun smart this summer so I wouldn't end up walking down the isle with bizarre tan lines. I've had some gnarly sunburns in my time. It's what we should all be doing. Luckily it doesn't stay around for long and I tan the next day but still, it can't be good for my skin. I've been doing it wrong this whole time.

I've had some terrific sunburns in my wife. I take it as a lifetime when I get frustrated after a day in the sun and am the same plane as when I afternoons.

Within an hour I'm a tomato. I can't count how many times I have been burnt over the years but sunblock doesn't even seem to protect me and I can barely afford it, it's so expensive. Bronzing moisturisers, fake tan, Thin Lizzy, bronzer powders, and the old sun beds. No wonder I'm getting burnt. If I got burnt it meant I would soon be tanned, which everyone wanted to be right?

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