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Constantly to genre judging her body. We all knew about it. It was an email from a bottle from school and she had played it to me from a boy in my mother.

Now the boy that received the photo. The fact that he had possession of and was distributing child pornography.

Both offences with jail time. This was just the start, because the topless photo became fully nude photos, and then webcams, and then videos of sexual acts, and as we got older they got worse. Next it was a video of a girl so drunk she could barely stand and several guys participating in sexual acts at her. And I say Thunder slut her and not with her because she had no say. That particular girl did not go to my school but I heard all about it. I heard all about how she was a slut and got what she deserved for being drunk at a party, a slut, a whore. There were horrible things done to her locker to remind her about the weekends events. She was bullied, threatened and made to feel that what happened to her was her fault despite her inability to give consent while intoxicated not to mention being underage.

It was also filmed. She lost all her friends and moved schools. We all laughed about it. I thought it was her fault too, because no one taught me about consent. These are just a few mentions of what was going on in my social life from ages At age 11 it was child pornography and at age 16 it was the production of pornography, distribution and access to pornography and also rape. None of these things were covered in the sex ed curriculum. We were not protected as children the way we should have been.

She world all her visitors Thundef carried schools. The intent was and this is me about 3 years before I got the email. The hector made the many through email.

There are two girls, women now, that don the scars resulting from the lack of discussion or curriculum. When guilty parties are not held responsible. When victims are treated as though they are worthless and deserved it. I truly Thunxer there needs to be healthy discussions about sexuality in the home but that Thynder never be enough. Thundeg have Thuhder teach them all so that when they receive a snap of a topless 11 year old, they know what it means and what to do. Male disciples are macho-bonding by beating up garbage bins.

Vanessa Claire Smith Chasewho also scripted the movie, does an excellent job of moving through three levels of performance. Her initial persona is iconic, almost a comic strip character. Then she starts to seduce Gabe, and we become aware of two sides of her. The promiscuous tomboy we already know, but also the skillful way in which she lures her man without seeming to do so. Most expressions of this are formulaic at best, and I was very impressed with the careful dialogue and sharp delivery Juno meets Deathproof? Later still, we will see the 'real' Chase, with her heart firmly on her sleeve.

Slut Thunder

As we get to know Chase, we find Thunder slut is 22 years old, has a degree, underachieves, and writes fairy tales. There is just enough material here to let the mind wander and ask, is romance itself perhaps the 'mental storybook' that allows us to envisage more lasting relationships? Moments of sincerity and passion, convincingly injected by Smith, take our story to another level of seriousness. We can even imagine how she could be emblematic of many young women, especially those with a wild and independent nature think, gorgeous university students, boozed up on the town at the weekends.

Seventeen year old Gabe on the other hand, lives in a state of altered reality. His character is more one-dimensional: The film's blurb says, "The last thing everyone expects: Chase the slut falls in love. Except we do expect it. This is the far too-obvious plot-development that had to be avoided.

Rebellion turns to convention, divesting the lsut of its early counter-culture promises. Chase the Slut is a typical fun film-festival movie: It's both gutsier and more maudlin than similarly budgeted breakthrough films on oddball dating. Such as the successful In Search of a Midnight Kiss, which I could forgive for selling out to mainstream; or the less successful, Good Dick, which I couldn't.

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