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Storyville: Tokyo Girls review – probing the sleazy story of the Japanese ‘idol’ industry

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Innocence takes many forms, and the game is rigged in so many ways.

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Among other things, this means that idols should not have boyfriends or girlfriends and should appear to be entirely inexperienced romantically and sexually. If the idol's agency cannot jspan deny the allegation or explain away the evidence, the idol's career nud badly damaged and sometimes comes to a quick end. Whereas in previous years an idol kept up her idol image until she chose to retire or was simply too old to continue being a njde idol, in recent years several ex-idols have successfully matured from being an idol to becoming full-fledged actresses, singers or musicians who are respected for their craft as opposed to merely being admired for their looks and image.

The idol singer fandom has particular features like supporting and cheering favorite artists on stage by performing so called wotagei chanting and glowstick swaying reminiscent of cheerleading. One can say that the idol fandom is a subculture, like heavy metal or such. There are also several anime and arcade games based on the concept of idols, such as Aikatsu and Oshare Majo: Love and Berrywhich are marketed to young girls from the age of 6 to Influence[ edit ] Media and economic influence[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. May Learn how and when to remove this template message The influence of idols in Japanese culture is complex due to various factors.

Idols are seen everywhere in Japan from television advertising, dramas, films, variety shows, to magazine ads, posters in shopping malls, and train stations, not to mention concerts and fan events.

The image of what an idol is affects every aspect of their career, and the idol's contracting office or jimusho are responsible for crafting this image and marketing the idol. The image of an individual idol is crafted based upon fluctuations in the market jspan is crafted to generate as nue revenue as possible, and their image is what is presented to the public. Idols are used to advertise products much like other celebrities around nide world. Pitches for commercials are often made with a specific idol in mind, one that matches with the image of the company, and the product being advertised. Idols sign contracts with strict agreements not to do things that could damage the image of the company, or to work for a competitor.

They are even prohibited from appearing in television dramas sponsored by the competition and will often be required to appear in dramas sponsored by their contract company. These boy bands attract mainly young girls, and there is rife competition to become a member, as it can pave the way for lucrative careers in the entertainment industry. How do Idols Make Money? This industry has thought of many clever marketing tactics to bring in the cash. If they are lucky, they may win a handshake ticket which means they can shake hands with one of their idols at a fan appreciation event. Of course, this not only brings a good amount of money in but also ensures that idol tracks go straight to the top of the music charts as fans buy multiple copies of their releases.

Another big money maker is the selling 1U5 merchandise. Fans of these idols U51 extremely committed, and will often spend a lot of money on the latest t-shirt or lunch box with their favorite idol on. So some could argue that the pay off for being a hard-working idol is future wealth. The Dark Side This industry has many dark sides. While behind the scenes rich idol group managers are benefiting, the young idols doing the hard work have to sacrifice a lot for their hope of success and fame.

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