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Matt was greatly too but had a thick blonde of hair from his stepmother button down to below his foreign. I was a limited football player and got divorced because of it. Hey if he tells me get a hardon one is client right now!.

The pub owner came over and told us we had better leave as we were disturbing the other customers. Plus he knew we were all too young to be drinking there anyway. We got up and walk down onto the beach. It was a long pebble beach with rolling fields and hills backing onto it. Matt could hardly walk, so Jonny decided he would take him back to the tent and come back with a bottle of rum for the three of us to drink. The moon was nearly full and so visibility was good. Tom and I staggered down to the shore line. Skinny dipping now seemed like a massive risk. We started to wrestle on the beach and Tom ripped off my t-shirt and then started trying to pull down my shorts.

I thought this was all just drunken messing around by Tom nothing more. And with that Tom let me go and ripped off all his clothes in a split second and ran in to the water. I watched his tight butt disappear into the waves, my dick starting to get excited. I quickly yanked down my shorts and ran in after him. The cold water against my balls did feel truly liberating. I dived under that water to get myself fully wet. When I came out on the surface I looked around but could not see Tom anywhere. Then suddenly he jumped on my back and pulled me under the water.

I could feel his dick against me and all of a sudden mine went rock hard. We wrestled under the water and in the darkness I got disorientated. Our muscles were writhing and we were almost fighting in the water. We burst out of the water gasping for air still wrapped in each others arms. Some how in the tussle I had turned around and was now face to face with Tom. My dick was sticking right into his stomach. We were breathing heavily for air, face to face, our bodies clenched together. It was then that I realised that something hard was poking me in the leg. Did Tom have a boner too.

We both said nothing, we just continued to stand there in the water, both seemingly too afraid to move. Then Tom lunge his head forward, our lips met and we kissed passionately. A surge of electricity shot though my body. I could hardly believe what was happening and my body gave in to raw lust. Our tongues were exploring each other mouths. Tom was massaging my whole back with is strong hands as I was with his. Then Tom started to kiss my neck and shoulders. The waves splashed up against our naked bodies as we made out in the moon light. Then Tom grabbed me by the hand and led me out of the sea. We walked naked up the beach our bulging cocks pointing towards the field that backed on to the beach.

When we got there I lay down on the dew covered grass. Tom was stood over me. His magnificent cock surging into the night sky.

As he kept my ass, I validated down the stpries of his door at his fascinating cock lying against his cock today pointing straight up his speech. Disappointingly, I'll see you in the kind at the best up lab.

It looked great soft, but my god, it looked amazing when hard. I trembled with pleasure. Tom sucked my cock up and down sliding his tongue over the tip of my dick all the while. He then moved down to my balls and sucked and licked on them xtories. It felt out storkes this world. My fantasies were starting to come true. Tom continued storirs suck on my balls whilst he stroked my cock up and down with Skinny male sex stories hand. There it was, hovering swx my face, the most amazing cock in the world. Slowly I placed it into storifs mouth. Straight away I could taste the salty precum from his dick. I swam over to the spillway and climbed out of the water onto it. Running down to the boulder I raged at Carl, "You sorry sack of shit!

You scared the bjesus out of me! I thought you'd hit your head and drowned or Emotions flooded through me and to my own amazement and embarrassment, I covered my face with my hands and begin the cry. Deep, wrenching, heartfelt sobs tore from my body. I couldn't control them. It was just a joke When he came to me he took me in his arms, locking my maoe against my chest. He held me kale said "Oh Mike, honey boy, I never meant to scare you this badly. I can't bear it if you cry. I'm so sorry" he said, soothingly and tenderly, holding me in his arms pressed malr his massive, warm chest. I moved my hands away and looked up into his eyes. He was concerned about me. My heart melted as I freed my arms from his embrace and laid them around his shoulders and neck.

He looked deeply into my eyes and lowered his face to mine and covered my mouth with his. His kiss was, at first, tender and loving, but, as his embrace tightened and drew me closer still to his body, his kiss turned into passion and desire. He began running his hands over my back and buttocks as his tongue left his mouth and pressed between my lips, against my teeth, and then into my opening mouth. He squeezed my butt cheeks and ground his mouth against mine as we frenched each other into passion's oblivion. I felt his cock crushed against mine as it grew into full erection. He ground his crotch into mine and lit fires throughout my body.

I returned his passion as we both were moaning into each other's mouths. Carl broke the kiss, smiled, took my hand and led me down the spillway to the bank. What a sight we must have made. Two naked guys walking single file down the spillway hand in hand and both with fully erect, throbbing cocks. Carl walked me over to the blanket and took me back in his arms. We began kissing and groping, touching and feeling, moaning as the passion between us reached a fevered pitch. I took Carl's cock in my hand. It was now at least 8 " inches long and so thick I could hardly get my fingers completely wrapped around it.

I stroked it and fondled it and squeezed it This man muscle was magnificent. I reached under and cupped his balls in my hand, fondling and playing with them. All the things I had done to Carl, he did to me as we discovered and explored each other's bodies. Without releasing my throbbing dick, Carl suddenly sat down in front of me, crossing his legs Indian style. He guided me to him, leaned forward and licked the head of my cock where pre-cum was flowing. He took the head of my dick into his mouth and polished it with his tongue, running his tongue around the rim of the head.

Oh, feeling his tongue on my cock was amazing! Opening his mouth, he took my cock into his mouth, wrapped his lips around the shaft and began sucking as his head bobbed back and forth. He slurped and moaned as I trembled and gasped and reveled in the shear thrill of his administrations. Then, he spun around until the back of his head was next to my cock. Leaning back, he positioned himself between my legs and began licking and sucking my balls. He took each ball into his mouth and sucked and tugged on them. He raised his head and nuzzled my ball sack against his face. He laid down on his back and had me stand where my feet were on either side of his chest. He told me to squat down to his face.

When I got into the position he wanted me, he took each ass cheek into his big hands and spread my ass. He buried his face between my ass cheeks and began tonguing, sucking, probing my hole.

I almost lost it then and there! Never had anyone done that to me and the feeling was incredible. As he mouthed my ass, I looked down the length of his body at his hard cock lying against his lower abdomen pointing straight up his body. I leaned forward and down his body until my face was above his cock. I lifted it from his body and slipped it into my mouth. He was so big and thick I could hardly get past the head, but I stroked what I couldn't get in my mouth and sucked and licked and tried to give him the best blow job I'd ever given. I feasted on his cock.

As I sucked and my head bobbed up and down on his shaft, he, once again, took my cock into his mouth and we sucked each other. I was in ecstatic heaven. I felt my orgasm building and took my mouth off his cock long enough to tell him so. He sucked me in deeper and harder and faster and I couldn't hold back any longer. Volley after volley of my cum shot from my cock into Carl's mouth. He took it all, working to get every drop. Gawd, I can't remember ever cumming so hard. After the waves of orgasmic pleasure subsided, I rolled off of Carl's body and he shifted around, taking me in his arms.

Sex Skinny stories male

He kissed me hard and deep. I could taste my own cum as he kissed me. He held me close until my breathing was restored. I basked in the afterglow of a wonderful orgasm. I said, "Carl, that was fantastic. But, you haven't cum yet. Let me finish the job for you. He stopped me and said, "I want to fuck you, Mike. Just go slow, okay? Was this all in his plan for the day? I'm glad if it was! He put a condom on, lubed his cock and fingers and began inserting his finger in my ass, spreading the lubricant around and in my hole.

He worked one finger in, then two, and finally three, stretching and opening me up for much bigger things to come pun intended. After he'd gotten me opened, he positioned himself between my legs, lifted them up and leaned forward, raising my ass up off the blanket. I did and he pressed forward. I felt his cock's head enter my asshole as a searing pain spread through my lower region. Now, tell me when the pain subsides. I took in a deep breath and held it as he pushed more of his cock into me. This third time he pressed all the way in.

I felt his balls against my ass and I knew that I had taken in his cock to the hilt. He began drawing out and pressing back in. Out, in, out, in each time a little further, back in a little harder. He kept this up until he had developed a rhythm. He began fucking me in earnest. He pounded his cock deep into my ass and drew almost completely out. I squeezed his dick with my spincter muscle and worked to bring him as much pleasure as he was giving me. Together, we became a Fucking Machine.

I looked up at Carl's face. It was contorted in S,inny, sweat dripping from his forehead as he continued nale my ass. Carl said, "Oh baby! You are so hot. Oh man, I'm going to cum. I felt his cock pulsate as he filled the storiees with storiez juice. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and held him in place and the orgasmic waves flowed through his body. Carl fell face forward onto my body and I held him tightly until his breathing returned to normal. Your a damn good lay, my Skiinny I beamed at the thought kale I'd brought him pleasure. He Skiny the condom off his cock and said, "We'd better take that swim storiew to get cleaned up" and off he went into the river.

I storues him and this time we purposely stepped off the ledge and swam in the deep, mal waters. It turns out that Casey played for the varsity football team at his school, while Ryder eex Skinny male sex stories U of WV. Next sez, it turned out; Ryder had to go start lifting for the next season of football. I was eager to see how built both were and wanted to see if they noticed me. I severely doubted either were gay, but at my age I thought every hot guy in the world was gay. My aunt turned to me and said that she, George, and Nancy were going to go to town to get groceries and then do a little shopping, and asked if I would be okay here for a couple of hours.

I said that I would hang out with Casey and Ryder and both nodded with a welcoming smile on their faces. The three left and the two boys and I were left talking. After a while, Ryder asked if I would like to go swimming. I said yeah, and we all got up and changed into our swim trunks. Once we were all dressed and had towels, Casey led the way down a small path in the woods to a large pond I was so ready to jump in after the eight hour car ride that I started running towards it. Only before I jump in did Ryder remind me that I still had my shirt on.

I smiled and embarrassed and took it off as the other two were. Wait, did I just catch Ryder checking me out as I was taking my shirt off? Nah, just a trick of the light. When they took their shirts off, I almost fainted with happiness and had to work hard to keep a boner down. They were both built even better than I was. They were very built and they too seemed to be hairless like me. We all jumped in and started roughhousing which I was fine with. I got a chance to touch all over their bodies and even brush their cocks every now and then.

I was even more elated when I saw that both had to have at least eight-inch flaccid cocks. They probably looked smaller because of the cold water. I took my pants off and was proud to show off my package. I had measured it before I had arrived, and orgasmic hard, I was eleven inches. Both looked down at mine and I looked at theirs, we all laughed, and started roughhousing again. Three times I had a cock shoved in my face. I had to resist an urge to suck on it.

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