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Rod was bigger, about 90 cm. Lick was practically a good on the site.

Next day, I decided to put a condom over it. Stretched condom over base so it was entirely covered and knew that condom wouldnt fall off and be left in my ass. Stodies condom on outside and it slid in my ass with agaimst a bit of effort. Remember, this is one large butt plug. Had it in me for several hours againxt was humping and edging but went to far as I usually know when to stop when edging, but the anal vibrations just took me over the edge. Next day I decided to go for a walk with it in. Again condom covered and lubed as that is the only way I will use it from now on as there is no need for cleanup, just remove condom and throw away. First, I poked a small hole in my jeans pocket so that I could run the wire straight into my pocket.

I walked to the store with my little cart and did some grocery shopping. Cover was the folded to "V". Next I put a small pillow and mattresses of bed on cover. Destin bed, pillow, cover, pillow, mattress. Mattresses supplied the necessary pressure on the pillows, but mainly was also support for my body. After sufficient lubrication penis, penis easily slipped into the cover and its "V" arms. I also lubricating enough cover before being placed between the pillows too. This way I could achieve orgasm myself, without I am needing using of my hands, and is fine friction during penis going inside and out.

I had free my hands, I could use my hands for vigrating other my body parts. This system with my dildo and cover as vagina was long unbeaten sexual tool. Both toys were very long my favorite sex toys or masturbation. Cleaning ejaculate was no problem ejaculate remains in the cover, only when moving the cover I was be careful, so that ejaculate does not drain from the cover, which sometimes happened. The final tweaks were that I made a mold from wood small prism. Mold replaced the previously mentioned bed structure especially two pillows on bed. The mold had the two parts, every piece is such as half letter O, or mold created reasonable a nice loopholes for my penis.

This way I could insert the cover between parts mold. I am still using the cover as synthetic skin. The inner part of the mold was lined with foam. So that was my vagina for masturbation for many years. This vagina could be made slightly already fasten to any part of the furniture. For fixing of vagina I could used an already present various loopholes in furniture or vagina fixed with clamps to furniture. When I got to the fact that I finally buy my own apartment, the fell last barriers for me, and even here I could masturbate freely.

The same horror I can achieved with two horny eggs. I am not looking she blew me, but thats my high and I am laying to it, in my great anyway.

No longer I need to hide my toys prosttate secret, I did dlido have to think and ddildo who ever can come at my room or home and I did not have to worry without being I would mugged in the middle of sex games. Also, it was a time Sfories I made my first hand fucking machine. I normally had a dildo and vagina firmly fixed over furniture in my sexual games See on and I was very upset and annoyed. Because when I pulled penis from the vagina, simultaneously I had to pushed my dildo into the anus and vice versa, when I pushed the penis into the vagina, I had to pull out of the anus dildo. I very much wanted to separate apart the anus and penis massage or in other words I can enjoy massage of my penis and rectum separately or simultaneously.

Because the machine was not as successful as I imagined, I will not even describe all in detail. In first version fucking machine vagina was on a separate board in fucking machine. Board was free and could to move forward and backward. And I am here to have handled the board with handle.

Of against prostrate vibrating dildo Stories

I could achieve that board with vagina stood on the place no moved or exercised move forward and backward. In the second version machine was based on the opposite principle, the vagina was Sttories Stories of vibrating dildo against prostrate the bottom board and dildo was fixed on board, which Agaunst can be moving vihrating and backward over handles. Or I attached dildo to a sliding lever and I could control lever with dildo over handles. Handles were arranged as rocking tail stock. I lf to build a fucking machine and which the same movement as penis in vagina, aganst the required rhythm and depth, but to regulate the rhythm and depth are a big problem, so it prostrtae always virating on trial and error.

Since I always sat in my machines, and I wanted to sit on something soft pillow or foamI lf figured out that a light abainst, which is between the anus and scrotum provide another very pleasant excitement. The machines enabled me Storoes know where I have the G spot, aganist the quality of my G spot. Clearly, at the beginning I did not Stores anything about G spot, but over my fucking machines I got the information and how use Vibratinng spot for pleasure. From was in our region finally available access to Internet and also sex shops. Currently I first bought my first vibrating anal dildo and my first vibrating egg already including anal lubricant and also the first vagina maybe I can manage to write a few lines in another separate story.

At first I was of two toys dildo and egg than ecstatic when I am using them. Anal dildo is good well-shaped - curved. Dildo has right length, and has the correct diameter. Surface of dildo is roughened by small protrusions entire with diameter of three mm and a height of one mm. But soon it was confirmed that the mechanism of dildo and vibrating egg is poor construction. I can say that until today, I have not found a better solution than the solution which I have seen with my first purchased vibrating toys. In toys is always a DC motor, which eccentric, or motor is intentionally unbalanced.

Everyone must be evident that at low speeds, the vibrations are small or negligible, but at high speeds, while the larger force of vibration, but the speed vibration alone does not give a chance to better massage and excitement. Truth to say that for a long time in my head I wear idea how to replace the rotary oscillating to motion up-down and as separately control the intensity of speed. Until now, I have only retained its outdoor part with my dildo, whom I first bought, engine had broken down and I ejected it. Space for motor in dildo I used to be plugged dildo on wooden rod. See on I can use the this dildo the same way as my first home-made dildo, so I have hands free. It can be seen in my videos, which I will try to step by step I will upload.

When using both toys dildo and egg in anus and both are vibrating, I can take more excitement and better massage. If both toys have of different frequency, but still close together, there is made interference between them, so that stimulation going, in cycles of variable power intensifies and weakens. The same effect I can achieved with two vibrating eggs. And finally, I can say that with this dildo first time I reached orgasm, when I only massaged prostate and anus over the dildo and I was lying on my back in bed during massage. I've enjoyed it at the time. I was not afraid extend masturbation for several tens of minutes.

This works great in the office, or especially while shopping. It is great to find a hot woman in professional attire and rev the thing up. It is quite a challenge to try and keep some sort of a conversation with the woman at the perfume counter when you are about to blow a massive load. This method works best with tight underwear and you need to tuck the vibrating ""egg"" in between your cock and balls. It is worth the purchase! Hot massage I use a back massager with heat. Place the head of the vibrating heat massager on the head of your penis. I am usually hard already.

If you are soft use the massager to get hard. I lay back naked on my couch with the curtains on the glass doors open that face the street. Hold the back massager on the head of your penis and slightly hump up. Tense your legs repeatedly. When you start cumming it feels so fucking good you will yell out with your excitement. This may take some time so rest when you need to. Good vibrations I have a hand massager and I get hard and just hold my penis and let the vibration make me cum. It is the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Hard-on workout I find a deep heat massager a great masturbation aid.

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