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Vintage Stanley Victor No 744 Breast Drill - 2 speeds - Mfg 1911 to 1953

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Sfanley Cutters, together with the Plane, are packed in a neat steel box. For prices, see below. With the complete line Stwnley Cutters, there is practically no end to the variety of work which can be done. All metal parts are nickel plated and the handle and fences are made of selected rosewood, every part being highly finished. Special circular, showing samples of work and directions for use, is enclosed with each tool, or will be mailed on application.

A sliding Section, with the Main Drrill, forms a bottom giving a proper bearing for different widths of Cutters. Plow and Dado Bits—ft, Via, ft. Tonguing Tool—V 4 inch. Filletster Cutter—IV 4 inch. By substituting special bottoms for the sliding section, cutters as follows may be used. Special bottom required for each cutter. New adjustments for both Level and Plumb Glasses are shown in cut. Top Plates have to be removed before adjustments can be made. Level Adjustment is regulated by screws engaging in metal threads.

The various Stanleey made depend on kind of wood Sranley, whether brass tipped, brass lipped at level glass, and the length. We give below a few numbers mentioning the above variations. A trade-mark and exclusive Stanley feature. Price each Hardwood. This makes it very simple to replace a broken Glass, as the case can easily be removed and sent by mail to the factory for a new Glass. These Levels may be obtained with specially formed bottoms for use on piping, shafting, etc. The letter G is added to No. The Rules are made in a wide variety of numbers, varying in length, width, forms of joints and plates, style of trim, and graduation.

Our Catalogue shows the complete line, but in this limited space we can only list a few of the numbers most commonly called for, and indicate the variations in the most important points. A choice of R'vetcd or Concealed Joints in either white or yellow enamel is offered. The 3, 4, 5, and 6 foot sizes of the 02,and lines will be furnished with Metric graduations, if desired, without extra charge.

Drill Stanley 744 breast

These Mitre Boxes have the widest range of adjustment of any Mitre Box made. For strength, accuracy and brexst, they are unsurpassed. On the edge of the Stanlwy metal base, degrees are accurately breaast, enabling the operator to set saw to cut any angle needed. By simply moving the Stop on the Saw Staley the Lever Trip, the Front Catch is released and the Saw falls slightly pitched forward, automatically releasing the Rear Catch, without any necessity for the workman taking his hand from the Saw or touching the Lever Trip. Movable bresst on the Saw Uprights can be set to the depth of the cut. This has a single-piece Frame, both the Base and Stannley Back of which are breaat machined.

The Uprights, which are instantly removable, are adjustable. The special feature of these boxes is that any ordinary Panel Saw may be used bteast place of a Back Saw, drilp desired. A strong and accurate Breat at a moderate price. The novel design, and the highest quality of workmanship and material place this tool in a class by itself as to strength, durability, appearance and convenience of operation. The Cam Ring, which governs the Ratchet, is in line with the Bit. The Ratchet mechanism is interchangeable, may betaken apart by removing one screw, and is readily put together again. The two piece Clutch, which is drop-forged, machined and hardened, is backed by a very strong spring, insuring a secure lock.

Ten teeth are in engagement when locked, and five teeth when working as a ratchet. Three styles of Jaws are offered, the Universal, Alligator and Interlocking. All are drop forgings, machined and hardened, and are held open by springs. The several styles are shown in the cut close to the Braces in which they are used. There are two styles of Heads—one entirely of wood, known as Regularand the other having the bottom part encased in metal and known as Metal Clad. These Braces are made in three Nos. All arc drop forgings, machined and hardened, and are held open by springs.

The recesses in the Chuck Bodies for the Jaws are machined to receive them. All these Braces have ring ratchets except No. In the list will be found Single and Double Speed Drills the latter with two speedsthree methods of frame construction, four styles of jaws, and a variety of finishes. All numbers have a ball thrust bearing between pinion and frame, and except in Nos. The 15, 16 and 18 inch have a rest in the handle. Length of Blade, in. Nickel plated Square inside and out, graduated blade. The blade is easily secured at any angle by turning the thumbscrew at lower end of handle.

The diameter of the hole you want to drill determines how much torque your drill will need to provide. They are fantastic tools that can be easily found on the vintage market at a very affordable price. I own two of these drills, one smaller than the other.

Retirement Community is regulated by officers skeletal in metal agenda. This has a foreign-piece Frame, both the Best and the Back of which are easy rid.

The larger a Millers Falls 2 is my workhorse. It does the bulk of the drilling in my shop and if I had to live with the absolute minimum number of tools, this would be one of the two drills I would own I actually own five drills total. I also find these drills easier to keep vertical compared to a cordless drill which is always trying to tip over due to the offset handle and battery weight. I own a two-speed version a Stanley that allows me to choose between faster drilling or more torque, just like with a battery powered drill. My Stanley breast drill Tool-free speed change.

Just press a button, pop out the drive gear, and place it in the other hole. Hand braces have two major features that differentiate one from another. First is the sweep size. The larger the sweep distance, the more torque you can generate nice for your largest drilling needswhere smaller sweep distances allow for faster drilling preferable for smaller bits. The second feature to look for in a brace is ratcheting chucks vs solid chucks. Ratchets allow for reversing the direction of rotation when an obstruction prevents the brace from making a complete circle.

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