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Did you ever notice that if you drink a lot, you pee more and the pee is pale yellow? That's because your body is getting rid of extra water and your pee has more water in it than usual. They should be really into it, in other words.

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You need at least one working kidney to be healthy. The body takes what it needs, but the waste has to go somewhere. When you're asked to give a urine sample during a doctor's visit, the results reveal how well your two kidneys are working. It's not just a fuckable hole, rather than an endless source of pleasure and bliss that can be explored day after day with new things learned every round. The body produces pee as a way to get rid of waste and extra water that it doesn't need. But what is it exactly?

Pee drink Girls

Now that you're older, you can understand much xrink about the amazing yellow stuff called pee. Once pee is produced, it travels from the kidney to the bladder, where it's stored until you need to go to the bathroom. But urine is more than just that drink you had a few hours ago.

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