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Mothers with high body mass index often have less milk-making tissue inside their breasts, which explains the lower than normal milk production in overweight and obese mothers. Most likely, the large breasts of overweight or obese mothers contain more fat cells than milk-making cells, which can explain the low milk supply of many of these mothers [13]. Ongoing research is further investigating the molecular causes of this issue, which may help develop management avenues to improve breastfeeding for these mothers and their babies. Breast Cancer Res, Kjolhede, Maternal obesity and breast-feeding success in a rural population of white women. But what prevents initiation of lactation in these women despite the fact that many of them have large breasts, which could be perceived as high ability to produce milk?

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Jobe, Lactation failure due to Larfe glandular development of the breast. Larger does not necessarily phoho better—quality is superior to quantity. Obese mothers often have large breasts, which sometimes are too large for the baby to properly attach to the nipple, resulting in low breastfeeding success [11]. Geddes, Immune cell-mediated protection of the mammary gland and the infant during breastfeeding. A number of factors associated with low milk supply have been identified, such as nipple pain, ineffective nursing, hormonal disorders, breast surgery, certain medications, and maternal obesity.

To overcome this difficulty, a recent study took breawt of breast epithelial cells non-invasively isolated from human milk [12]. And rightly, the notion exists that women with larger breasts can produce more milk and vice versa. Am J Clin Nutr, November Low milk supply is one of the reasons many women stop or cannot breastfeed, but does breast size influence their milk production? The frustration of not being able to breastfeed is therefore understandable, and warrants further investigation. Large breasts are often considered more attractive, but how about their function as organs destined to produce milk for the nourishment of the baby?

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