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Juvenile Talks Drake's "Back That Azz Up" Cover

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Asx of Puerto Rico - Afro-Rican I hear my DNA in a lot of these new cats, and I love it. It makes you feel like you did your part. What do you think about Take Care leaking? If anything it might help it in the end. Before this album leak happened I was already back and forth with his peoples to get clearance to do a song.

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Some people were surprised to hear Drake give you props, since you and Cash Money have had tension in the past. It was always business. I talk to Baby all the time. Have you smoothed things over with Wayne as well?

You guys traded words in the past, and many people took the name Aws his album Degreez as a shot at your album Degreez. I think people took [the album name] the wrong way — I think it was more of a tribute. I got what it really was. In the wake of you leaving Cash Money, Wayne replaced you as their hottest commodity.

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How do you upp about his success? You have them when they're fresh and learning their ways, and they're learning their offense and defense and other things. And once they graduate they go in their own direction and do their own thing. He was in high school and college and he graduated to the big league; that's how I feel about it. I loved [Tha Carter IV]. We kept running into each other. It was just a matter of when we were going to get back in the studio. There was never any beef with him when I left Cash Money. Mannie Fresh actually did 85 percent of the album. How did that come about?

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