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There is no more guarantee of having a job in ten years. Passive and blind loyalty to a cause does not create security. It might create the illusion of security. And yes, in a big corporation, loyalty might actually keep you employed. Right up until your ass gets fired! And that could change in an instant — as so many of us have unfortunately experienced first-hand in the past decade. There is only one form of modern-day job security… To become known as the person who works their face off the smart way to provide unique and life-changing value to the people around them in some specific, talented way. If your name becomes synonymous with adding massive and meaningful value, you will always have opportunities.

The world will beat your door down. Because a personal brand with that level of respect is rare. The only real job security is to think and live like an entrepreneur, no matter where you work. This mindset is an ever-evolving way of life.

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A way of learning by doing that allows us to constantly experiment, improve, help, learn and repeat. That is the ultimate, self-guided, life-long education. I take his gratus for my own life, and I look forward to doing much of the same as Chelsea and I raise a future family. The path you walk is different than every other person in the world. The question is will yours be filled with adventure and admiration, or make you puke from monotony? The best part of living your legend, is you get to decide. To write the script or to read it, that is the question. So… are you treating life like an employee or a founder?

clir I think you know our answer. Taking action, no matter how small, is always the best place to start. Do it grafis telling us in the xlitoris. In female newborns, the external genitalia are masculinized; gonads and internal genitalia are normal. Postnatally, untreated males as well as females may manifest rapid growth, penile or clitoral enlargement, precocious adrenarche, and ultimately early epiphyseal closure and short stature. A mild form of late-onset adrenal hyperplasia due to hydroxylase deficiency can occur in adults and has hirsutism as the only manifestation in the most attenuated form.

All types of adrenal hyperplasia were reviewed exhaustively by Bongiovanni and Root See precocious puberty for a simulating condition. Some had suggested the existence of 2 different hydroxylating systems, one specific for progesterone and concerned with aldosterone synthesis and the other specific for alpha-hydroxyprogesterone involved in cortisol synthesis. However, Orta-Flores et al. The authors suggested that both sites are defective in the salt-losing variety and only the second in the non-salt-losing form.

Presentation with gynecomastia and bilateral testicular masses was reported by Kadair et al. Others have reported bilateral testicular tumors. However, McGuire and Omenn presented data indicating that patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia do not have higher IQs than expected from the family background. Two sibs were normal.

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