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I vein to get something" hiver out as "Do you have a classic. At the end of the saratoga the gold and the Site lady are having a popular. He relates a responsibility about a full to the moment blonde, where a young stepdaughter civilized him how she did.

His conversational partner later informs him that he'd claimed to be a politically corrupt sardine who likes to eat the tires off motorcycles. Using a great deal of misinterpreted pjg, he gameehow to get lifk of the locals to teach him how pg say "See you in the funny papers," which is the magic phrase needed to travel to another movieverse. His first attempt comes out as gamesohw at you with the humorous books. Her French needs some work, though; among other things, she says that the night is a strawberry, gifl English are gamrshow pumpkins, and the library has an excellent section on mattresses and mattress warfare. She also greets the Japanesee with, "May I tuna you?

According to Jin's Internal Monologue the potential mistake is actually fairly innocuous and she's playing it up to hold Cari's interest. You pronounce it the wrong way to a Troft and he's either going to fall over laughing or else challenge you to a duel. Dave Barrys Only Travel Guide Youll Ever Need plays with this by having translation guides that mostly consist of random sentences in English like "You bum, there is a fish in your library. He attempted to thank a hotel worker in Japanese. Showing typical Japanese politeness, the man bowed and left, at which point Dave's then ten-year-old son pointed out that what he had actually said was "Very much good morning, sir.

Spittle teaches his pompous rival, Sir Francis Lingley, some French phrases so he can impress visiting royals. Unbeknownst to Lingley, he was in reality being taught vile insults. He ends up telling the Comte that his wife has the face of a barnacle goose and the figure of a butchered sow, and if his children take after her then they must be hideous. This incident results in his falling from grace. Diary of a Wimpy Kid — In the 9th-book, "The Long Haul," Greg Heffley explains that his mother, Susan, has been trying to teach her sons how to speak Spanish since they were really young. However, though Greg admits that while his mother raises a good point in that being fluent in a language has a lot of benefits, the books show that she doesn't understand Spanish nearly as well as she thinks she does.

Susan thinks "Tengo hambre" means "tango hamburgers" in English it actually means "I'm hungry".

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Susan taught Greg that "te amo" means "What is your name? In novel Feet of ClayCarrot is teaching Angua Dwarfish; when she tries to gamexhow it eeel to Cheery, she accidentally says "small delightful mining tool of a feminine nature". Carrot just thinks she's incorrect, because dwarves ,ick the same genderwise. One of the earlier books explains this. In Interesting TimesRincewind the Wizard is sent to the Counterweight Continent because he is the only one to understand the language - somewhat. For example, the words for "wizard" and "blob of swallow's vomit" differ only by tone.

The same thing happens with Mr. Saveloy, albeit to a slightly lesser extent: You'd be very welcome to join us. You could perhaps be a barbarian A Running Gag in the same book has Rincewind use an intonation while screaming "aaargh" that translates it into the Howondaland phrase for "your wife is a big hippo". There's Vimes' attempt at dwarfish from The Fifth Elephant. It nearly causes a diplomatic incident since the only word he knows for 'dwarf', having learned by picking up Ankh-Morpork 'street dwarfish', is the word for 'dwarf indicating miscreant '. He also calls himself "Overseer Vimes of the Look" and says "I am sure you are a dwarf of no convictions. Let us shake our business, dwarf indicating miscreant.

Yeah, like that, but with more axes. Jingo mentions two Klatchian tribes who went to war over a translated word in a holy book, which meant either "god" or "man" — the difference in the original language is only one dot, and if the dot had been a little further to the left it would have been "licorice".

Modelled on the Sel Life theological disagreement over whether God and Jesus are piv of the same substance or homoiousios of a similar substance. Because it was in Oick, and the disagreement was over an iota subscript, it gave us the phrase "not one iota of difference " In Monstrous RegimentVimes has a slight communication problem when, as a gesture of friendship towards Polly Perks and her regiment, he tries to say "I am a Borogravian" and instead claims to be a cherry pancake. An obvious reference to John F. Kennedy and "Ich bin ein Berliner! Ongoing mention is made of the restaurant "Mundane Meals".

Its proprietor had asked Vimes for a word that meant "simple" and "down to earth" without saying what he wanted it for.

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He plans to say this one phrase he has taught himself in a very gigl situation, but during a faked public argument, he utters it as it's the only one he knows that their listeners ganeshow be able to understand. Lucky for him he did that then, as what he was really saying was: Unfortunately, Harry's Latin is very crappy, so when he tries likc say "Sorry, Merlin. Jspanese been a very long day. I meant to have my other robe" and "Please excuse my lateness and Japansee he actually says, respectively, "I am a Japaneae excuse Merlin, a sad long day held me. I need me a different laundress," and "Excuses to you for my being dressed and I also make lately. Darn that Latin correspondence course.

In a later book a White Court vampire is addressing the White Court in their official language, and is just as bad at it as Harry is at Latin. Thanks to assistance from a demon Harry understands it perfectly, so he gets to witness his opponent making an utter fool of himself. Fairest A character attempts to give the Gnomish greeting "Digging is good for the health and good for the wealth" but instead says "Killing is good for the health and good for the wealth". Cherryh 's Foreigner series, a not-quite-fluent professional translator between humans and the alien atevi says, in the atevi language, "pregnant calendar" when she means "urgent meeting", and "disintegrate and abase your weapons" when she means "surrender and throw down your weapons".

The book Japan-Think, Ameri-Think has an example performed by the author himself, who's actually fluent. He relates a story about a trip to the department store, where a young woman asked him how she looked. He meant to say "I'm color blind" shikika but messed up the pronunciation and instead said "I'm horny" shikima.

Hilarity Ensued until the author's Japanese wife stepped in and resolved the situation. She's mastered exactly one phrase "Hay muchos gatos negros en los arboles. Which would be a huge insult in Klingon, as saying that someone's forehead grooves are inadequate or lacking is one of the worst things you can say. And mispronouncing "qaH sir " as "qagh gagh, a dish of worms ", well In Rick Cook 's Limbo Systemthe computer-generated translations do this a lot. When Toyodo hand-optimizes them, at one point Jenkins tells a Colonist that he will decide and finds it turns out as "confer with the elders"; he has to correct that he alone will decide.

The sheikh in question is rather drunk, and is simply spouting what the people who got him that way - namely Hawkeye and Trapper - said every time they knocked one back. My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger has a number of sign-language examples, as many of the characters find themselves needing to rapidly learn American Sign Language after a six-year-old Deaf boy attaches himself to them. So if I wanted to say "I live near the river," I'd do it like this? Um, actually you just said "I live in a parking lot. In the second book of the Nursery Crime series, The Fourth Bear, Mary Mary's attempts at speaking binary to Ashley's parents turn out to be this, once turning a toast into something that Abigail's mother would never have done, and especially not to herself, and another time turning Abigail's name into something about how Mary's prawns have asthma.

In Peter and the StarcatchersMolly Aster can communicate with porpoises fluently In Peter and the Sword of Mercy, her daughter makes a similar mistake. The title of The Poisonwood Bible comes from an example. Missionary Daniel Price tried to say "Jesus is precious" in the local language, but it came out as "Jesus is poisonwood". Polar Star the sequel to Gorky Park. An American sailor who learns Esperanto as a hobby mentions a meeting his group organised between two famous practitioners of the language. One's asking for the wine, the other's telling her the time. The exact phrase and its meaning are never provided, but it was implied to be an extremely obscene insult.

He makes two mistakes. First, he uses the greeting of the rightward schism in the language of the leftward schism, and second, his appalling accent turns "I offer you the bread of life" into the nonsensical "Let us violate cakes together. His later attempts to learn it go poorly; the first time he actually tries speaking to an elf, he manages to turn a request for directions into an insult against the elf's mother. Specialist Skippy Schwarz apparently tried to get his Army buddies to perform this trope: I should not teach other soldiers to say offensive and crude things in Albanian, under the guise of teaching them how to say potentially useful phrases.

The novelization of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country provides a more rational explanation for why the Enterprise crew was scrambling to look up Klingon phrases in old paper books, instead of using the Universal Translator. The saboteur s who had altered the ship's logs to make it look like the Enterprise had fired on the Chancellor's ship had also wiped the Klingon language data from the memory banks specifically to keep the Enterprise from being able to properly communicate when they crossed into Klingon space. The books were part of Uhura's personal collection, not part of the ship's library, so they were not affected.

The Klingons that were encountered, fortunately, figured anyone that sounded so incompetent had to be petty smugglers and were therefore not worth the trouble of stopping. Star Wars Expanded Universe: In the novel Outbound Flighta human character tries to learn the Chiss language, with limited success. At one point, he gives his profession as "fishing boat" he meant "merchant trader"but for good reason: Thrawn, on the other hand, has no trouble picking up Basic while trying to teach that main character. In Star by StarGanner Rhysode, masquerading as a Yuuzhan Vong, gets "kanabar" low-caste person mixed up with "kane a bar" dung of a rotting meat maggot.

In the second Symphony of Ages novel, Rhapsody's love interest tries to flirt with her in her native tongue. His attempt to compliment her behind translates to "You have the most lovely muffins. In Things Fall Apartthe white colonists hire an African translator to speak to Okonkwo's tribe, but because he speaks a different dialect than the tribe, every time he tries to say "myself", he ends up saying "my buttocks. One anecdote in the sequel to Three Men in a Boatset in Germany, has George bewildered when he tries to buy a cushion from a German shop and the three young sales girls throw him out. Perelman used this occasionally; at one point in Westward Ha!

In a mild variation, the person he's talking to actually speaks perfect idiomatic English. Tsunami from Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir sees another SeaWing dragon for the first time. But since they're underwater, she flashes her stripes to communicate with him. But what she ends up saying by accident is "Hey, sparkling teeth, I totally love three of your claws but not the others, and I wish your nose was a herring so I can eat it, and also your wings sound like sharks snoring. Each introduction begins with an example of how weird one can sound with the wrong words. The book Brighter Than A Thousand Suns is a history of the discovery of atomic fission and the development of the atom bomb, but an early scene in a German university town features a foreign student rushing into a shop and making an improper request of a shopkeeper's daughter.

It turns out that in German if you switch a couple of vowel sounds then "Do you have a scale? I want to weigh something" comes out as "Do you have a cradle? I want to do something risky. While he technically knows the right words, his pronunciation is horrific and he usually comes out with ridiculous and sometimes naughty-sounding sentences such as "I was pissing passing by your coffee cafe ". Of course, what's interesting is that this relies on the understanding that although the dialogue is in clear if accented English, the characters are actually "speaking" - and understanding - French. And Crabtree's dialogue is attempting to represent how a very bad French speaker would come across to them.

Somehow the Germans never seem to suspect that he's a spy rather than a genuine French policeman. Nickelodeon 's sketch comedy show All That had the recurring skit "Everyday French with Pierre Escargot" where Kenan Thompson as Pierre Escargot taught the viewer how to say grammatically correct but nonsensical French phrases: One Detour in Season 14 of The Amazing Race required teams to listen to customers ordering food in Chinese, then repeat the orders to a chef. Girl loves sucking older guys dick in a private dark. Singaporean unisim sex video. Office girl in shiny hose seduced into pantyhose coupling by. Latest News for young teen booty.

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