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Please call for other discounts. Nestled among 32 acres of pecan and oak trees just outside of Houston, Texas, the club provides a beautiful resort community to weekend visitors as well as some full-time residents. Natural Horisun is dedicated to providing a safe haven for families and couples who enjoy the nudist lifestyle and wholesome recreation. Many of our guests enjoy the nude beaches at Hippie Hollow.

Ranch nudist Star

Clean, refreshing air, country water, and peaceful tranquility enhance the stress-free environment enjoyed at Star Ranch. Singles nkdist bed and breakfast with tropical gardens, pool, hot tub, outdoor grill, private decks, nature trail on 8 acres of the Texas hill country. Cabin 2 is my favorite. We invite you to join the Natures family for a day, a week, a month or a year! Photography is not permitted. Our kitchenettes are great romantic getaways.

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Any one wishing our newsletter can send their address and we will be happy to sent one. One draw back is you can not use your cell phone unless you have Verizon. Would not recommend any of our friends to attend — just go somewhere nice instead. Near by are nature preserves and local parks for bike rides and world-class bird-watching; Mexico, just minutes away, for special excursions and bargain shopping of all kinds; and South Padre Island for beach-combing, surf and deep-sea fishing, horseback-riding, skinny-dipping, and even bungey jumping. Saturday is your best time if your looking for fellow nudists and volley ball. We are close to South Padre Island and Mexico, yet far enough away from everything to release your cares and leave your worries behind.

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