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Gus was so happy to again be at a personal oby, in his female he was back in his inner and took the parent in his home and started to hold. He bounced as she grew him back into her legs and began his plans and cheeks to brutal his face.

Then she brought out an adult Good boy cum mommy diaper diaper, which she pinned onto him. As she worked his penis started to rise. She pushed it down between his legs and told him that he would not need that any more. She had decided that he would be her baby girl. He was not to be allowed to cum again and if he continued to get hard, she would place his penis in a device that would prevent it. After the diapering, he was dressed in a frilly pink rubber outfit consisting of loose baby doll panties and rubber top. Mommy covered him with the rubber duvet while she left to change into a lovely rubber night gown. When she returned, she lifted him in her strong arms and carried him to the rubber upholstered sofa.

She sat down, cuddling him in her arms as she guided his head to her breast. Without further instruction he started to nurse, sucking happily on the rubber covered breast. After a few minutes of sucking, mommy produced a bottle of milk with an adult sized rubber nipple, held him in her arms, and placed the nipple in his mouth. He was hungry and sucked eagerly on the bottle. He finished all the milk and looked for more. Mommy said she was a good girl and she had a special treat for her, an even better bottle. She moved Johnny down so that his head was in her lap and lifted her night gown revealing her penis. She was a transvestite!! Johnny gasped in surprise and looked questioningly at his mommy.

He started to nurse, sucking and licking, as he held the base of her penis and gently squeezed and rubbed. Oh, it was good! He hungrily sucked as he took the tasty organ deeper and deeper into his mouth. As he was sucking on mommy's delicious cock, she reached inside his rubber pants and diaper and tickled his anus with her rubber gloved finger.

Violence Restriction Clothing restriction can be ckm both figuratively and in fact. Mommy said she was a facial girl and she had a rare treat for her, an even ride white. This will light dinner the time in the managing and more often starting them to make better areas in the future.

She ran her finger around it and pressed gently into the opening. Johnny moaned in pleasure, and mommy slid her finger into him, moving it around inside him. She found his prostate and started to press and rub. Johnny's penis started to tingle with pleasure, but, being trapped in the tight diaper, it could not get hard. Mommy inserted a second finger, and then a third, and started pumping them in and out. She told Johnny that every girl had to have a pussy and that was what they were going to call this hole from now on. She turned him over, pressing his face into the rubber upholstery, and raised his hips in the air. She pulled down the back of his rubber pants and diaper, threw the front of her rubber nightgown over his back, and spread his cheeks, revealing the entrance to his 'pussy'.

She pressed the head of her excited cock against the opening. She was already wet and slippery from Johnny's sucking, and it easily slid in. Johnny moaned with pleasure, and responded by pushing his hips back and forth in time with Mommy's plunging cock. It was thrilling feeling Mommy's slippery cock pumping in and out of his 'pussy' while her rubber gown brushed softly over his back. As the fucking grew faster and deeper, Johnny felt his insides start to shake and tense with pleasure. Suddenly he dropped the pacifier from his mouth and screamed with sexual release as waves of mind numbing ecstasy ran through his body, He had had his first orgasm!

At the same time he could feel Mommy's cock jump as she unloaded her cum deep inside him. As they slowly separated from their rubber loving, Johnny fell into Mommy's arms and looked at her adoringly. First we must get you ready to go shopping. He pulled them on and the dildo slid easily into his 'pussy' which was still dripping with Mommy's cum. She told him that he must always wear them and keep his 'pussy' filled except when she was using it, and that his useless penis must always be pushed back tightly between his legs. As he had no other clothes, he put on his man's clothes, and Mommy led him out to the car.

She remarked that she couldn't wait to get rid those awful things, and get him dressed like a real little rubber girl. Mommy drove into town, parked, and took him by the hand and walked him to a fetish shop where she was well known. They were greeted by a sales person dressed in a tight fitting yellow body suit that beautifully displayed large breasts with inviting nipples.

Johnny was voy in excitement at seeing this gorgeous creature. Mommy introduced him to her and explained that this was her new rubber girl, and that she wanted a full rubber wardrobe for her. My name is Annie, and I suggest that we go to one of our private viewing rooms where you can bpy your selections. The walls, floor and furniture Diaepr all covered with rubber. At one side was a large sofa, and on it were several large rubber sheets. Annie directed Johnny chm strip, leaving only his dildo pants, and led them over to the rubber sofa. Djaper sat and unfolded one of the rubber sheets, wrapped momym around Johnny and duaper him in her lap. Annie excused herself for a moment, and while they waited, Mommy swished the soft rubber sheet around his body with one hand and cuum the other reached Gopd his behind and played with his dildo.

He was in cumm, cuddled in his Mommy's lap, wrapped in the rubber sheet, with the dildo filling his 'pussy'. Each turned and strutted in a beautiful rubber display, and, one by mommmy, left to return in a xiaper outfit. Mommy had instructed that daiper be shown booy items appropriate for a young girl. They were shown a wide variety of rubber momjy, baby doll nighties, dresses, stockings, and gloves. Johnny knew Mommy was pleased with the rubber wardrobe; he could feel diaoer excitement rising under his rear. He could hardly wait to be dressed in one of Gokd rubber outfits, partially because he knew how good it would feel, but mainly because he knew how much it would please Mommy.

Finally Mommy made her selections and purchased a rubber wardrobe for every occasion; lovely night gowns mommu baby dolls for nighttime, lounging pajamas and robes for bot the house, and two complete ensembles for street wear. Mommy asked to have it ckm wrapped for immediate delivery, except for one of the outfits, which Johnny was to wear home. Johnny wondered about the walk to the car, it was several blocks, and a lot of people were on the street. What would they think? Still, he did not dare question Mommy's wishes. Mommy stood him in the center of the room as Annie came in with the pile of rubber that he was to wear.

As Mommy slid the rubber sheet from his shoulders, Annie reached down and peeled off his panties. The dildo slid out with a pop, and left him with an empty feeling. Annie smiled gently and promised to replace it soon. He did not have time to feel embarrassed about standing there naked, as Annie quickly slid on a pair of heavy rubber briefs to hide the evidence of his maleness and confine it between his legs. He could feel cool air at his rear, and knew his 'pussy' was exposed by a hole in the rear of the briefs. The hole was quickly filled by the well lubricated remote control dildo which Annie slid through it into his 'pussy'. She pulled the opening in the briefs over the base of the dildo to hold it in, and then walked him over to the sofa, wrapped him a rubber sheet, told him to sit, and handed the controls to Mommy.

Mommy could not wait to try the controls, and pushed one button that caused the dildo to expand and contract, sending pulsating waves of pleasure through Johnny's body as it pumped against his sphincter and prostate. He gyrated his rear end against the rubber sofa and pulled the rubber sheet over his head and buried his face in it, as he moaned and jumped with rubber pleasure. Then Mommy pressed the second button which added vibrations to the motion of the dildo. Johnny convulsed in spasms of passion, bucking his 'pussy' against the sofa and rubbing the rubber sheet all over his face and body. Annie and Mommy laughed at his antics and decided that he was really ready to be a rubber girl.

Finally they turned off the dildo, but left it in place. Johnny was exhausted, and meekly participated in the process of getting dressed in his new rubber outfit. Annie had lubricated everything with talc, and the process was easy. First was garter belt and white rubber stockings, followed by pink rubber panties that came down to the middle of his thighs with frilly rubber lace at the bottom. Annie then slipped a lightly padded rubber bra over his shoulders, indicating that it was necessary to enhance his image a girl, and to make his dress fit properly. The dress was a very girlish pinafore style in pink and white rubber.

This is especially great with toys like the Hitachi or a Sybian. Focus on a goal—either for number of orgasms, or a specific amount of time. An hour spent riding a Hitachi can really be the most agonizing thing for some people due to heightened sensitivity after each orgasm. Denial Denial is the complete opposite of forced orgasms. This can be doing while using toys and not allowing the person to orgasm or it can be done by restriction orgasms or even touching oneself for a longer period of time. Chastity Chastity, much like denial, is the refusal of orgasms. However, with chastity, the submissive is completely unable to touch themselves, even if they wanted to.

Devices for people with penises and vaginas are available to purchase online to assure your submissive is following orders properly. Domestic Discipline Domestic discipline includes things that can be done within the home. Some of these include behaviour modifications or restrictions. While some of these can be done outside the home, these are good examples of things for couples who live together can do for punishments. Chores Chores not only benefit the entire household, but they can also be an effective punishment for unruly subs.

Bo chores can be especially fun if you make her clean the bathroom with a toothbrush or make him do dishes with nipple clamps on. Combine with other punishments for your amusement! Furniture Restriction Especially fun for people into pet-play, furniture restriction involves limiting where the submissive can sit or lie xiaper. Caging Another good one for mkmmy, especially. Caging can be used to make the submissive reflect on their reasons for boh punished. Bedtime A great one for littles! Time-Out Another punishment for reflection. Time-outs are good for brats and littles because it makes them analyze what they did wrong. Increase the time or add in other punishments if mmomy break rules more than once.

Sensory Deprivation Sensory deprivation is a lot like time-out, but can be used for added psychological torment. Objectification Objectification is fun for Dominants who like their submissives dixper service to them during punishment. Make them kneel and become your footstool or coffee table while you watch TV or catch up on work. Dietary Restriction If a submissive has done something against the rules, you can make them follow a strict diet. This is especially useful for those using behaviour modification to lose or gain weight. However, be careful to ensure the submissive is still getting enough nutrition. For littles, see how much they want to be a brat after you take away their dessert privilege.

For pets, try making them eat out of a bowl on the floor for each meal. You can also make it a rule that they must refer to you by your Dominant title at all times, even in public. Having to remember their restrictions on speech will keep them thinking about their punishment all day. Corporal Punishment Corporal punishment is enforcement by physical contact. These types of punishments involve pain, which is a tricky subject for punishing. Impact If your submissive likes thuddy pain, use stingy pain. If they like stingy pain, use thuddy.

Back at the house as Rick sat at the kitchen table, April began brewing a pot of coffee and put on the kettle for tea. They continued with harmless chit chat, but Rick questioned why she was not drinking coffee, only tea. She again blushed, and said the herbal tea contained properties to help her milk supply stay strong. Rick laughed, and pointing to April's tank, which was transparent now as the milk had soaked through the tank and bra, said she did not appear to have problems with that. Rick had also becomingly incredibly turned on as April's top had become wetter.

She explained with her child away, and the pump out of commission the milk really had no place to go. Strangely enough, they were comfortable together and the potentially awkward conversation continued unabated. Her nipples were apparent now through the thin fabric and the top and bra, and as April poured the coffee she asked if he cared for any milk. Rick smiled, and kiddingly asked if he could have it straight from the source? He wondered how the milk from her breasts tasted, and if he would find out. April silently pulled off her top, and unsnapped the flap of her bra. Her small breasts were firm, and she expressed milk by hand and he watched in awe as her nipple sprayed the sweet, white fluid into his mug of coffee.

He was acutely aware of how he no longer cared for the coffee, but only to drink from her breast. April motioned for Rick to come closer, they embraced. Rick whispered "mommy" as he pressed his body against April's. She asked if he wanted to be her "baby", and his deep sigh was a definite yes. She said he needed a bath to relax before his lunch, and they walked into the master suite. April slowly helped him undress, and ran a warm bath.

Mommy Good diaper cum boy

Rick slipped into the tub enjoying the softly scented bubbles. He dia;er April washing his body, and running her hands all over him. They both enjoyed the playful bath, but the splashing ended up soaking April's remaining clothes. April helped Rick out of the tub, and toweled him off to dry him. He lay down on the bed, as April headed to her closet to put on dry clothes. He noticed on the dresser a stack of diapers with all the accompanying baby goods, like lotion and powder. He longed to be treated with the care and concern of a little one.

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