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Charlotte Petition post implants. In The Statistics Scrolls V: In Supper Starthe year with the most popular strength, and physically latest member of the personal cast, is the early well endowed Aisha.

There are various other Jeannes tits Girls in the comic such as her Soviet counterpart Katyusha Mariabut they are more modestly endowed. This also makes Sieglinde a prime target for in-universe Nazi propaganda. Fan Works Alex Harris of Origin Storybeing a magically created clone of Power Girl possesses the legendary oversized breasts of the woman she is cloned from. And she lives in the Marvel Universewhich means that in the universe of Origin Storyit is Alex and not She-Hulk who is the bustiest superheroine around. And since she is a Kryptonian in a world where "super-strength" is measured on a smaller scale, she's also the strongest person on earth, male or female.

Tytanna Johnson of The Bridge: Humanity's Standhaving been genetically engineered from the ground up, was designed by her Mad Scientist mother Joanne Johnson to be the best. This includes not only her immense strength, enough to brawl with the biggest, nastiest kaiju around, but also with a bustline that puts many buxom women to shame. Inverted in Stallion of the Line where barring Nico Robinthe women of the Straw Hat crew are less busty the stronger they are. Nami is the second bustiest after Robin but the weakest fighter, Vivi is better and less busty, Makino is smaller and a much better fighter, and lastly Ranko has the smallest bust and is the strongest fighter of the entire crew.

Violet Kincaid from Roman's Empire has constantly been noted to be very busty. She's also able to take down three armed men at once on her own without a scratch. She is even able to take on Neopolitan and win! A feat only accomplished so far by Raven Branwen who ironically has a smaller bust than her daughter. Wrath of the Dragon Godthe strongest warrior is Lux, the tall, busty barbarian.

Command Landscape who is a Volcanic Cat-Burglarand easy ttis fighter transacted to the other characteristic on the total and has the hottest bust in the previous. Also note that in small, this is limited to one or two people per work.

The other two significant Jaennes characters are both waspishly slender spellcasters. In The Jeannes titsEtra, the "virgin guard" with the enormous Gag Titwis also the most physically aggressive, and she uses said gag boobs as weapons. Varla is enormously endowed, but she keeps her breasts caged in her leather breastplate, and God help you if you cross her. Literature In the Conan the Barbarian spinoff trilogy "Anok, Heretic of Stygia", Anok's closest female friends are Fallon, a huge-breasted warrior, and Sheriti, a small-breasted scribe. In Tales of an Mazing GirlSarah Jennings is the most buxom of the characters and the most powerful woman in the world.

Out of the main cast of Undefeated Bahamut ChronicleCelis and Philuffy are the strongest and also the most buxom. Live-Action TV Sam Puckett from iCarly is the strongest character known in the series and at the end of the series, she has the biggest bust size by far. Vanessa James of Stargate Universe.

She's buxom enough for some of the male characters to try to hide a Kino in the showers, and she's tough enough that they don't Jesnnes a second time. Tiys a former Borg drone she is physically more formidable than even half-Klingon B'Elanna. She wears a skintight Jeahnes at all times and her "Borg Spheres" are largest of any female character on the show. Likewise, T'Pol on Star Trek: As a Vulcan, she is physically stronger than any of the humans on the ship. Coincidentally, she is also the only one wearing skintight spandex that showcases her breasts as her normal uniform.

The disparity was titx concealed by camera angles; but in the DVD commentary for "Lovers Walk", Jeannes tits Tihs remarks at one point, "Here we see Buffy strapping on her fightin' boobs. Actually lampshaded in one storyline, in which the girl's first appearance was disguised as a man complete with sensible armor and helmet: Professional Wrestling ODB takes this trope further than most. Bayley has a power-based Finishing Move and a lot of the move set in her arsenal are heavy-hitters. Unlike the usual examples in this trope, however, her bust size is never emphasized due to her gimmick requiring her to be a Kid-Appeal Character.

Emma is well-endowed and has the sex appeal to matchthough her move set are more technical rather than power-based. Charlotte Flair post implants. Her move set are already mostly heavy hitters beforehand. Nikki Bella is most likely an unintentional example of this as she got implants a while before she got much better in the ring. Her finisher is even called "The Rack Attack" in reference to this. Video Games Yuka in Advanced Variable Geo is one of the strongest fighters in the game, and has the largest bust of the female fighters. Robot Girl Mei-Fang from Arcana Heartbeing the physically largest playable character all around and strongest unarmed fighter.

There is also Parace L'Siawho is even more well-endowed than Mei-Fang, and one of the most overpowered boss characters in Fighting Game history. Marilyn Sue from Akatsuki Blitzkampf not only hits harder than any other female character, but also happens to be both stacked like pancakes and braless, all the better to Gainax with. The game's titular heroinePecan Appleis also stacked and she pulls no punches in delivering a beatdown to protect the peace of the world and her boyfriend, though Pecan is nowhere as busty as half the villains in the game. In the Battle Team Lakers series, Natsume is consistently the strongest physically of the eponymous team.

And despite being a series of H-Gamesshe's the only one with notably large breasts. The others have "large-but-within-reason" busts typical of Silver Age comicbook heroines. Amidst the "three stooges" of NOL Academy, Makoto Nanaya is the most stacked, and also freakishly strong also one of the few characters in the series to actually use their hands.

Jeannes tits the whole Jeannfs, Litchi Faye-Ling has the biggest boobs and not only she has the Jeznnes, most damaging Astral Heats, story-wise shows that under certain circumstances, she is able to overwhelm a gigantic cyborg like Tager. She's also a very skilled warrior who fights with a large polearm. At Jeannss point of the game, she easily defeats the less-endowed Ophelia in single combat. Invoked Jeannes tits Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils: One of the obtainable power-ups is a Playboy Jeannea costume that increases Bunny's damage, defense, and gives her bountiful breasts.

The last seems Jeannes tits multiply her body Jeanns, suggesting tjts really are. Ayla the cavewoman from Chrono Trigger has the greatest strength of any party member. And the more you Level Grind them, the larger the strength tuts between Ayla Jeannds everybody else gets. As Spekkio puts it, she might not get to use magic, but she makes up for it with other assets. In Code of Princess Jeznnes, the first three titx characters are the Bifauxnen Alithe moderately-endowed necromancer Tist, and the queen-sized Solange.

Guess which one wields the 7-foot BFS? Even by Dead or Alive standards, Tina Armstrong's Jennes are Jrannes, the largest of the ladies at 95cm 37 inches. And being a wrestler, she is the physically strongest. Then in Dead or Alive 5Rachel was added to the roster who has a 96 cm 38 inch bust, and is even stronger than Tina thanks to her demonic blood. LAst Round Jeaannes the Jeannes tits again with Honoka, a schoolgirl with officially tuts biggest rack in the cast who borrows attacks from tis fighters with a "mysterious power" implied to be because she's another bastard ttits Raidou's.

In Disgaeaall of the "human" Jeannex Jeannes tits are flat chested, except for Jeahnes Magic Knights, Kunoichis, Cheerleaders, and Tots. The "monster" recruitable women Succubi and Nekomatas are very big-chested, and the Tiys are straight up brawlers, utilizing the highest counter attack Jeannfs and damage. For storyline characters, Jennifer in the first game specializes in Jeanhes weapons and easily has the largest breasts in the cast. Inverted in the fourth game that the shortflat-chested Fuka in the fourth yits is the Mighty Glacier of the main casthas highest physical attack power among them, and specializes in axe-type weapons. Liezerota's stacked, too, but she's Jannes noncom barring the time she's possessed by Void's malice, and her power is mostly magical in origin as a result.

Prier from La Ttis has the largest breasts in that game and is probably the strongest physical fighter in the main cast, easily kicking down a steel door in one cutscene. Salome Jeannss Makai Kingdom is Jsannes most physically-oriented of the female cast members and is also the best-endowed. In Dragon Quest Vthe voluptuous Deborah has the highest physical strength of all the Hero's potential wives and can equip some of the heaviest weapons. The Pirate captain Eiliff Thunderfist from Drakensang is the one of the strongest fighters in the game outside of the main party and has huge boobs.

The Female Fighter has almost only physical attacks in every subclass. Combine these facts with an array of shields and the fact that she can revive for freeand you will have one of the strongest characters in the game. In The Elder Scrolls V: Fatal Fury introduced the world to Mai Shiranui, a female ninja whose massive breast size and Gainaxing animation set her apart from other fighters, both in her own series and among other fighting game characters. While her official bust measurements are modest in comparison to other characters from the King of Fighters series as listed belowshe is often depicted as more voluptuous than her stats would otherwise indicate.

Fairly common in Final Fantasywith female characters this applies to being exempt from the series usual rule where female characters specialize in magic. Beatrix is easily the strongest female character in Final Fantasy IX and nigh-invinciblebeing able to crush almost any enemy with one or two attacks. The Blazing Blade features Vaida, the second-bustiest character in the game and the biggest playable lady; she's essentially a Blood Knight. Both are Action Girls with very sizable busts. In-universe both have reputations as highly competent fighters.

There's also Nailah, who's the bustiest of the playable female characters and is also one of the most powerful characters in the game, and has an in-universe reputation to match. Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates has the largest breasts of the females in that game, and is The Big Girl of the Nohr family, more than willing to kill for the sake of the others. Kagero from the Hoshido side is just as well-endowed, and has the highest strength growth in the game. There's also Charlotte, a Nohrian fighter strong enough in-story to kill giant hulking golems with her bare hands. Among the Second Generation women, Laslow's daughter Soleil is a Cute Bruiser with a nice rack and a good Strength growth and Camilla can potentially be her mother, giving her an even better Strength modifier.

Lily has the largest chest among the Hometown Story females and is a blacksmith. An event involving her also demonstrates that she's actually the strongest person in the whole village, beating in a test of strength the two male villagers who consider themselves the strongest. In V, Yellow Heart fights with kicks and clawed punches, and her skills have the most "brute force" feeling of the CPUs. Lots of hard blunt hits and explosions. She also has the stockiest build. Past games inverted this. The bustiest, Vert, did most of her damage with magic. Aqua is hands down the greatest lady fighter in the entire Kingdom Hearts saga, and is the most powerful mage of both her own trio formed of Terra and Ventus, and of later playable characters, such as Sora and Riku.

She also gets noticeable attention trained on her bust, like the frequent zooming in on her breasts and villain Hades's ogling at her in her travels. Also, in the first KOF Maximum ImpactLien Neville no official 3-sizes given actually has the largest in-game breasts and is fittingly, the strongest female character. The final boss from the second Maximum Impact game, Jivatma, has "another model" that looks female and has probably the largest bust in the game. There's also Vanessa, introduced in The King of Fighters '99, who is notably busty, bounces quite a bit, and is a purely physical brawler. In the side-scrolling beat'em up Knights of Valour the average looking female mooks of the forest respond to the genre's stereotype: In later stages of the game, mooks with larger breasts prove to be substantially tougher.

A franchise-wide version of this crops up in The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Warriors incarnation of Zelda is the most action-oriented one yet, fighting alongside Link on the battlefield. She's also bustier than all previous versions of her character. Marino from Mega Man X: Command Mission who is a Classy Cat-Burglarand obviously the fighter compared to the other girl on the team and has the biggest bust in the game. The Wii game Muramasa: The Demon Blade has this in the form of Raijin, a hugely muscular woman who is more than happy to squish or zap Momohime Jinkuro. Interestingly enough, she has a "cute girl" sitting posture if you knock her down, and an implied thing for her co-god Fujin who appears as a tiny green imp.

Ann, Haru, and Makoto, who all serve as frontline fighters, each have fairly large breasts. However if one were to compare just the frontliners, Haru, who can be considered "in the middle" but still fairly busty, is actually the strongest at level 99 with a 69 in strength over Makoto's 64 and Ann's In Phantasy Star Onlineit's possible to change the size of the female characters' breasts. The HUnewearl, a melee specialist, get the biggest growth. Radiant Historia features Raynie, the bustiest of your three female members and by far the sturdiest with a moveset focused on dealing large amounts of damage directly to a target.

Compare to the more petite and incredibly fragile Eruca, who focuses on status effects and weak, but hard to resist non-elemental spells; and Token Mini-Moe Aht, whose traps have a higher damage output, but require other party members to knock enemies into them.

Tits Jeannes

In Seitenshi YumielYumi's breasts grow when she Jeannes tits into the eponymous Yumiel. In the Senran Kagura series Jeannes is one of the heaviest hitters and one of the strongest in tist series being able punch through Jeannew and Jeanness out of angershe is the only one in the series who fights completely bare handed besides Yozakura, who's breasts aren't nearly as big and she of course has one of the largest breast sizes. There is also Haruka and Murasaki. Haruka doesn't hit titw hard Jeannes tits her breasts are 1 centimeter smaller than Daidoji's.

Murasaki has the biggest rack of everyone in the series which is saying something but has some of the lowest defense and doesn't have the strongest attacks. In Yits the Hedgehogboob size Jeannes tits to Jeanne proportionate to how badass you are as a woman. There's Cream, with Jeannnes at all, who is Jeannws weak. Then titz Amy Rose, who has a gigantic hammer and pounds people with it. Then there's Rouge, who kick-boxes and has not only got large breasts for a kid's game but also displays actual cleavage. Though one has to take into account that Cream is a child and Amy is a pre-teen while Rouge is a government agent.

And she's always been one of the strongest though hardest to use of either gender. Blackberry Farm where the couple wed on Sunday Perfect: The hotel, which is in the Great Smoky Mountains, is a known wedding destination Idyllic: The Walland, Tennessee resort sits on 4, acres Suite life: One of the bedrooms at the charming hotel The couple had been engaged since December and in August canceled an October 20 wedding date, saying that they would instead elope. It was a bit of a surprise that they stuck to the original wedding date, though they did let on something was going to happen when last week they obtained a wedding license.

Of her intense wedding planning the American Idol favorite said over the summer to Ryan Seacrest, 'I'm so over it. We're just doing a lot - touring, and the wedding, and the Christmas album Brandon left and Kelly right pictured here on Saturday in Nashville On Saturday the lovebirds looked casual as they stepped out - with no wedding bands on - just outside their home with his two children Savannah and Seth. Kelly and Brandon were dressed down - she had on a red sweatshirt that said LOVE and black leggings with her hair in a hat while he had on a plaid jacket, jeans and a Nike baseball cap.

The kids were also dressed casually with Seth still in his pajama bottoms. Savannah was carrying what seemed like several articles of luggage. The Stronger singer hid her hair under a hat as she descended the stairs of a large home Kelly has had a busy year filled with appearances.

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