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People with ongoing pain, they anticipate pain with a lot of fear and they worry a lot of the time. Dr Sylvia Gustin, Neuroscience Research Australia The challenge of developing such treatments has led to more research on the brain's role in chronic pain. When you sustain an acute injury there is an opening in the thalamus for information to pass through from the affected body part to the brain. After an acute injury is healed, we know that this border should actually close. Gustin's team found a decrease in the volume of the thalamus, resulting in a decrease of a specific neurotransmitter: Every signal gets amplified and it results in the experience of pain.

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This results in a further decline in the neurotransmitter GABA. People with ongoing pain, they pian pain with a lot of fear and they worry a lot of the time, and they can't dampen down these feelings because the prefrontal cortex has lost its ability to dampen down these thoughts. A lot of clients who I see, they can't stop their worrying, they can't stop their anxiety, and they ask me why. For many patients, what's worse is the invisible nature of their condition. The border, the thalamus, can actually close, and we can do that with neuro-feedback.

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What kind of pain do you like? This is where it gets juicy: More than of you wrote in to explain what you like, and why! Generally, responses to the type of pain you enjoy fell into the following categories: This is getting good. We asked how people would explain pleasurable pain during anal sex to someone who has never felt it before.

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