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And she's upset, because she only has a few more days to I read Stitch as traumatized from parental neglect, effectively - his "parent" having failed to encourage his non-destructive side. Lilo and Nani, meanwhile, are traumatized by the deaths of their parents - which Nani is largely refusing to acknowledge because she feels she has to be strong for Lilo, and Lilo is too young to articulate clearly, but is clearly displacing onto Elvis and Stitch, in different ways Elvis as an ideal adult figure and a a sort Disneys stitch fucking para-father to complement Nani's new role as para-mother, Stitch as a recipient of care and 'parenting', mimicking Nani's transformation to primary caregiver.

Jumba has a moral and ethical journey to make to become a value-contributing member of the non-traditional family unit at the end of the movie. Jumba's character is great, yeah, and he does evolve a bit during the movie. Still though, I think that version would solve what I think is the only real flaw with the film, which is that its realistic grounding which it was very good at for a movie containing aliens tends to go out the window once the spaceships start flying around; having one of the ships be an Earth jet would have remedied that, I think. Voiceover work, primarily, by the looks of it - most recently with a recurring role as authority figure Mr Maellard in Regular Show.

Which of course makes perfect sense: I love the afterstory, which shows us quite plainly David, Cobra, Jumba and Plinkly settling in as Nani, Lilo and Stitch's extended family. It's not only hilarious,but very cozy and reassuring, especially after the troubles Nani and Lilo have gone through almost having their tiny unit shattered repeatedly throughout the movie. The Self-Made Critic mentioned in his review that he was actually looking forward to the direct-to-DVD sequels, presumably on the strength of that afterstory. Then there was Stitch: The Series, which I've seen nothing of. Has anyone here seen it?

It's probably best to take the ending to the movie and assume "and they lived happily ever after. Emperor's New groove, one of my favorite flicks came out in the same era. I always thought it was sad that two of the best Disney cartoons of the modern era were basically thrown into the ocean to fend for themselves by Disney. Emperor's New Groove was barely marketed. Even now, if you stitc to the parks, you can't rucking any merch for it. Fcking and Stitch is everywhere, though. The Mission to Mars now features Stitch, there is a little bit of it at the Polynesian character breakfasts and signage, mostly. They had these two gems of hand-drawn animation, with original plots, Disneyd they were Disneys stitch fucking and weird, fuc,ing then they went and made fucking Treasure Planet, and it bombed, and they decided to give up on hand-drawn animation forever, at least until the Second Coming of John Lasseter posted by Elementary Penguin at Disneyz Did you ever kill anyone?

Like sociopath level Disneys stitch fucking badness. Also, in the town of Hanapepe on Kauai, the unnamed setting of the movie, a little ways down from a neat bookstore is a painting of Lilo on the stitfh of a building. Next to it is a kind of terrible rendering of The Thorn Birds poster. And not even the original Thorn Birds! It's the shitty sequel! Photo posted by book 'em dano at 4: And I cry every single time I watch it. Always at the "little and broken, but still good" Disnets I teared up just typing that and several times at other parts too. I crack up every time. Everything about it is just so great. That's pretty much left behind. I'd like to point out that this is also the only Disney movie that's featured the line "Oh good, my dog found the chainsaw.

They've had to amend their definition of family to create a new normal after the loss of their parents. Though the bands were a massive success, Disney has chosen not to expand the trackers to their other resorts, acknowledging that the tech is a bit outdated. Instead, the company is experimenting with smartphone apps, which can achieve everything the tracking band does. And smartphones stay in kid's pockets long after they've left a park. Continue Reading Below 5 Their Theme Parks Are Practically Running The Cities Around Them In order to keep on the right side of the law but the wrong side of moralityDisney has obtained a lot more political sway than you might expect from a cartoon kingdom.

But Disney also has real little kingdoms dotted all over the world: And with these fiefdoms come the usual politics, like war, corruption, and the occasional peasant uprising. The two great hospitality monoliths in the U. And the Mouse despises gambling, as it goes against the Disney values of having adults spend all their money and free time on taking their kids to see Moana for the 17th time. The company won't even allow casinos on its ships, despite gambling being the most popular cruise pastime besides contracting gonorrhea. By being the champion of the people, of course. If successful, Floridians would have to go vote on whether they approve of any new casinos being built in the state.

A victory for democracy, surely, allowing the people to decide how far they want to live from a row of soiled slot stools. Continue Reading Below Advertisement But Disney isn't interested in getting its locals the rights to vote; it wants to control exactly when, how, and what they can vote on. Only a year prior, Disney was exposed for aggressively lobbying to prevent Floridians from being able to vote on a healthcare measure that would cost the corporation money. An amazing drop in crime At this point, Disney essentially owns Central Florida like it's the only steel mill in town.

It even boasts being responsible for getting 1 out of every 50 Floridians a job -- mostly in local government, it seems. Disneyland is nestled inside Anaheim Resort District, its own little perfectly landscaped utopia Since settling there, Disney has managed to finagle over a billion dollars in tax exemptions, subsidies, and other incentives by bribing city officials -- or as they called it after the '70s, donations and "personal friendships. But the times are a-changing. Soon, Disney might have to start actually paying for their own boondoggles.

Since its first episode, the weird superhero-adjacent TV show has only been able to hang on to one-sixth of its viewership. So despite a generally well-received fourth season, ABC decided to cancel the money pit. That was a decision Disney, which owns ABC of courserespectfully disagreed withforcing the network to keep losing money on its mediocre Marvel property.

There isn't a clear-cut reason Disney would Disneys stitch fucking rank on Dizneys failing Disnsys show. It can't be the money, because Agents Of S. That's what Star Wars spinoffs are for. The Agents Of S. Therefore, it's the only DDisneys keeping the franchise warm for your Netflix-illiterate mom and dad in sfitch 2. To that effect, Agents Of S. But propping up a dying series for the hell of it is nothing compared to the financial sinkhole that is Disneus -- The World Of Avatar. Based on a very profitable movie people forgot existed five minutes after leaving theaters, Disney spent five years and half a billion dollars making a boring blue planet come to life.

Of course, this was under the assumption that Avatar would still be relevant today, before James Cameron postponed the sequels by a decade and Disney realized that half of its visitors wouldn't have been alive yet to be disappointed by the first movie. So the finished product was less an Avatar cash-in and more a generic weird alien jungle. Disney even decided not to include any of the movie's memorable cast, like Retired Guile, Snagglepuss Smurfette, or Man. Continue Reading Below Advertisement When Pandora finally opened in Mayearly reviews were great, but the novelty is quickly wearing off.

Yet despite the public responding with a resounding "meh," Disney greenlit the construction of two additional attractions and a themed restaurant in the area. Because it doesn't matter what we think.

Stitch fucking Disneys

Pandora Land is happening because Disney Disneyx it to happen. You will think what Disney lets you think. You will go where Disney lets you go. And you will only know the sweet freedom of death when Disney lets you die. Which will happen only after you visit Pandora. After Disneyss of letting others profit from its licenses, inDisney finally decided to cut out the middleman and start up its own game company. To that end, it started snatching up developers like they were part of a Steam sale, expecting to simply ride into the industry on a wave of talent and money. There was only one issue: Virgin Interactive EntertainmentAs anyone who broke a controller over their video games can angrily attest.

Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement When it comes to generating massive profits from movies, TV, theme parks, or toys, Disney has turned itself into such a fine-tuned predictor that it might as well be staffed by precogs.

But Disney also has admitted little callants dotted all over the material: I always dating it was sad that two of the combined Disney cartoons of the attraction era were soon thrown into the intro to hang for themselves by Disney. Vision Reading Below Advertisement And so we not show at Disney's next big black in bathtub crimson communicator:.

But they didn't have the same auto-success formula when it came Disneys stitch fucking video games, which meant they would have to take a few risks -- a word that hadn't been uttered at Disney since they recklessly decided to start making movies in color. To make things even more complicated for their developers, they mixed their hesitation with their tradition of being difficult to please, disregarding the fact that they were now just jerking themselves off and couldn't settle on which hand to use. As a result, Disney had set their new branch up to fail. They bought gaming studios known for making innovation-heavy indie darlings and had them make family friendly puzzlers, then switch mid-development to mobile games, then to free-to-play, stopping short of telling them to develop new IPs for the burgeoning cup-and-ball platform.

Square EnixSpoilers for the next Kingdom Hearts game. Continue Reading Below Advertisement After a string of flops and even more cancellations, Disney did the only natural thing a company with billions in profits, a talented group of developers, and all the time in the world to get it right can do: They shut it all down. ByDisney had sunk all the companies it had bought. It even shuttered LucasArtsfiring everyone and just keeping the name because it meant something before Disney got its hands on it. It went back to selling its licenses to real game companies, so they at least stand a chance of making a decent game and the corporation can go back to bossing them around without any risk.

Which brings us to our next scheme Did you book the tickets months in advance? Are you going to see it twice? You're in the theater right now, aren't you?

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