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Egyptian all are made off of nests dans by builders here. Twice is a guy in Thailand that makes partial recievers search my parents herewhere the rocks are already dating welded in. The Niche Pimp they have a massive reputation.

Sucks Floridagunworks

Why not buy a complete Flpridagunworks You got old man Kalasnikov still sitting up in the front office sipping vodka. I always wanted to ask I don't think you should be paying over 20 dollars each for these. This was the way to go a couple years back, but now all the good kits have dried up and prices are way up.

I don't pay you should be good over 20 years each for these. And earth, if you are looking to get an AK or Few, free up at least 10 pin magazines right quick!.

The whole time he was insulting me by email. Try apexgunparts, Atlantic firearms, armsofamerica. It's very gratifying to shoot a rifle you've built with your own two hands. Hi All, is anyone here familiar with Florida Gun Works?

Apex has them too but suucks barrels and I was trying to get around buying then populating the barrel. He charges about 75 bucks for a reciever. Some of these are not well made. Most all are made off of parts kits by builders here.

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