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She knew what you really needed was a good hard fuck from a great big dick fuckking she also knew that I had a big dick. She was caring and compassionate and always trying to please others This wild surreal night had suddenly gotten very real. As I took Chelsea's cock back in my mouth I really mmo no idea what I would say to Simone when I saw her, or when she called me, but that was a conversation for another day. She would never need to force me to do anything; all she had to do was ask, and I would obey.

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Giving up my ass had always been my ultimate act of submission. That had been humiliating too, and had left me with a very warm feeling, inside and out. I begged, wanting her cock deeper, wanting her to ream my ass, "Fuck my asshole, Miss, fuck it like you own it. So here we are. So my eyes went big as I joked, hoping it really was a joke, "Even my ass?

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