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Morgan Joy - Geeks 9. Rump Dirty Knock, I distraction to take my warrior sound and turned it with the taller styles……. Whatever 10 months are also female the most extreme in your ears?.

Dirty Knock is just like my other labels but with a new twist and sound. I'll always do Ghetto Tech cause tittles my heart but there are new genres popping up every day now. With Dirty Knock, I wanted to take my signature sound and incorporate it with the newer styles……. What were your first experiences of dance music and going to clubs in Detroit?

Mediafire assault dj Ass titties n

I was DJing in teen clubs before Assalut was even old enough to get in the real clubs. That's what was hot…… 4. Going great, it's a small intimate place with a killer sound system. We have different Trap, Twerk and Ghetto Tech artists come though every week with tweak girls shaken' ass and the Jitters battling…. Please help us out here. Trap is BPM. It's had the head bob meets big festival sound and Twerk is a little more uptempo at BPMs.

A lot of people were tired to me. It's all tried music to me at every tempos……… 2.

Twerk music actually come from Bounce music from New Orleans. One one give Nola credit for Twerk! What would you say was the soundtrack to your youth? Which new producers and DJs should we be looking out for?

Too many great ones! Bass Computer - Techmaster P. Welcome to the Planet of Bass - Maggotron Ghetto Bass - 2 Live Crew Get Tittkes Girl - 2 Live Crew Revelation - 2 Live Crew What I Like - 2 Live Crew Jealous Fellas - Dimples T. I Wanna Rock - Luke Assauult Roll - 69 Boyz Ghetto Jump - Krush Stomp N Grind - Half Pint Commin' In Fresh - Double Duce Dazzey Dukes - Duice Da Dip - Freak Nasty Scrub Da Ground - Splack Pack Return To the Bass Planet - Maggotron Ignition - Dynamix II Move Somethin' - 2 Live Crew Techno Bass - Dynamix II Shake Shake - Jonny Z Shake a Lil' Somethin' - 2 Live Crew Nasty Dancer remix - Kilo Kitty Kitty - 69 Boyz Worse 'Em - Triple M Bass Wiggle Wiggle - Disco Rick Party - Dis N Dat Rodeo - 95 South Red Alert - DJ Laz

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