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Small Trees as Street Trees?

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Trees Park strip

For large trees, either plan for wide 8 foot minimum planting strips, or use narrower trdes and be sure to thoroughly compact sidewalk and street base material and plan on some eventual damage from root and trunk growth. Even then use the widest and longest strip possible. Select small trees whose crowns will grow to be no wider than the planting strip. Be sure you get good information on growth rates Parm tree sizes C Bradford pear was once touted as a small tree suitable for many tight areas, but I have seen Bradford pears with crowns 40 feet high and 30 feet wide and trunks a foot or more across.

Another option for small or large trees is to move the sidewalk very close to the street and plant trees on the other side, away from the street. This still gets trees near the street but eliminates the constraints of a narrow parking strip. Trees still need to be spaced back from the sidewalk several feet, but large trees can be easily accommodated. There is a drawback in that towns and cities often do not own or control property behind the sidewalk, so planning for a pleasing street treescape can be difficult. The following are some of the major considerations for creating a successful parking strip planting.

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Follow Municipal Guidelines Seek out the planting guidelines for your municipality. Consider Water Access Does your hose tress If not, are you tress to lugging watering cans? Does it collect water and remain soggy for some time after a rain, or does it remain dry if not irrigated regularly? Plant according to the site, especially seeking drought resistant plants if appropriate. Avoid Dog Pee This is a concern that many parking-strip-curious-gardeners tend to bring up. Expect to share Parking strips are prime picking spots for pedestrian grazers.

Rather than being annoyed by Psrk guerilla gardeners, rejoice in the fact that someone gets to eat fresh, chemical-free produce! Sfrip leaf maple Acer macrophyllumcottonwood Populus tricarpa and Lombardy poplar Populas nigra are banned as street trees because of their aggressive roots. Choosing the largest species appropriate for your site will allow your tree to contribute the greatest benefits. For a list of street trees appropriate for your neighborhood, please send your request to seattle. The law requires you to locate underground utilities by calling or submitting an online dig ticket prior to planting your tree.

Visibly mark your proposed planting location in white paint and then call to submit your dig ticket.

Call before an SDOT arborist arrives for the inspection. Use this tool to locate your side sewer line and always plant at least strkp feet away. An SDOT arborist will visit your site and consider the proximity of other trees in the area, underground and overhead utilities, and other structures. Not all locations are suitable for a tree. If your street tree permit is denied, SDOT will inform you of their permitting decision. Upon permit approval, you are ready to plant your new tree!

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