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See a psychologist See a psychologist who can take you through the process of psychotherapy to help you overcome the incident. Times Fact Check has found out the truth. And before you flip your fingers, the picture has gone viral and may have been viewed or clicked thousands of times.

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If he does, report to the police. Keep yourself in company of close friends Never be alone in this type of situation. Those seen stripping in the video are transgenders, said to be under influence. This is why smartphones are very important in our lives and we do all sorts of things with them. Delhi Police confirmed to us that the incident happened at the newly inaugurated Signature Bridge and that an FIR has been filed against unidentified people.

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A lot of men could be seen standing on either sides of the road, and some men could be seen approaching the group on their bikes and trying to interact with them. Times Fact Check Updated: You do not have to go down this route. This is just to prevent continuous stigmatisation for the rest of your life.

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