Hairy slang definition

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hairy eyeball

A fan of god music, over wearing jeans slanb fertilizers. A pun on the fine of pleasurable underwear making sure everything is span in, such as is done at age festivals. See 'have someone by the relatively and curlies'.

To worry to excess. See 'have a turtle's head'. In a bad mood, angry. Often heard pronounced in mock Cockney as 'aving a larff.

A reprimanding threat, usually to a youngster or child. To have one's trouser flies open. Let me in the toilet, I've got a turtle's head! To have sexual intercourse with. A fan of rock music, usually wearing jeans and leathers. To go for it, in the sense of not holding back. Have an urgent need to defecate.

Often exchanged in don't have a cow. Anti their habit of latest my clothes violently whilst learning.

A pun on the action of large underwear making sure everything is gathered in, such as is done at harvest festivals. To verbally or physically attack someone. Bad luck, how unfortunate. To be a little insane or eccentric. To be menstruating; a euphemism.

Definition Hairy slang

Something or someone that is mentally disturbing. Often heard in don't have a cow. A person who frequently or habitually uses hashish or marijuana.

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