Punching fetish

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Punch And Slap Fetish

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Often the woman is struck by other women, but many times the fetishists will fantasize about doing the beating themselves. With the rise of the internet, a wide variety of websites and online groups have risen which house related fiction, photos, stories, and videos, the latter either custom-made or copied from a variety of films and videos. In a previous blog I examined a hoax paraphilia called emysphilia sexual arousal from turtles.

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Sexual bellypunching as a fetish or fettish is something that I do not think can easily be so dismissed. I managed to collect a few first-hand accounts of sexual bellypunching such as those at the online at the Dark Fetish website. Although it hurts and it hurts like hell sometimes the pain does give me an erotic buzz. BUT and this is the other side of the coin I do get to punch other women and that also gives me a buzz — it turns me on.

The downside is that I have to take and absorb the punishment Punching fetish. Puching both went to couples therapy and [this is] how the psychologist explained it to me…The physical flow-on effect of bellypunching is peptic reflux, which triggers the brain to release a sudden adrenalin rush to cope with the shock of temporarily depriving the brain of oxygen. Some people claimed that the information provided in the original webpage was unable to be verified, and that it might even have been made up by the person who created the original Wikipedia entry. As one person noted in the Wikipedia discussion, the original author of the bellypunching article had: Comments were also made along the lines that Wikipedia does not need to have a separate page for every single obscure fetish.

Fetish Punching

However, the original author of the page countered by saying: From what I've heard, probably the most common type is slapping. I've even had a few "vanilla" boys give me a light face slap during making out Punching fetish turn me on or turn them on? My current Dom, back before I had even an inkling this sweet Christian man would turn out to be a dom, surprised both of us in our dating relationship by hauling back and slapping me across the face once while we were making out; he says he has never forgotten my subsequent expression. If you are into hitting, slapping of course is the safest way to go.

Many men don't like the idea of punching a woman, afraid they will do serious damage to her face or body, even if they are comfortable giving her an open-palm slap. This is because slaps sting, but rarely do much tissue damage. A punch can break skin, bruise, blacken eyes, break noses, and shatter cheekbones. The next type of hit you might want to try is the back-handed slap.

I've had this done to me, too, and it Punchijg more than a slap but not so much as to be unbearable. Also, there is something just so deliciously degrading about a man backhanding a woman--like she is his Punchhing or his dog! If you are worried about getting into a full-on face punch, let me remind you: From what I've read, men who punch their partners are careful to act angry and out of control while actually taking care to measure the strength behind their punch. They often aim carefully for the more solid parts of the face cheek than for areas that will break or blacken jaw, nose, eyes and stop the punch "on impact" rather than following through like they would if they were fighting an enemy for real.

Of course, if you try this, aim carefully! The benefit of a punch is it will deliver a much more solid, thudd-y type of pain than a slap or backhand.

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