Vintage fuel tap

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Original Vintage Suzuki Fuel Petrol Tap Petcock Or50 K10

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Later bikes after Vintaage or so have a fuel tap on the bottom of the tank, which unfortunately buried in the frame. There is nothing worse than going through the effort of replacing the entire tank, and then have gas leaking within the frame.

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Second, push the tap through the fuel tap hole, and try to get the long copper breather tube near the filler cap opening. I always put gas in the tank above the reserve level and let the tank sit overnight just to be sure there are no leaks. Remove the fuel lever from the fuel tap by removing the pin, and if an oil tank is fitted you'll need to plug the end of the oil line with a bolt or something. DO NOT use a wrench on the tap body as it is a casting and can be very brittle. All these instructions can be used on earlier bikes without removing the tank. While this can be unscrewed with typical tools and a lot of effort, it can be unscrewed effortlessly with the correct tool.

Fuel tap Vintage

To remove the tap the fuel tank must be removed from the frame. The fuel tap on the Vintagf of the tank still needs to be orientated Vintqge. Refitting the valve is the reverse of the disassembly, but there are a few tricks to make it less of a headache. Once unclipped the filter can slide up the breather tube, placed in clean gasoline, or blasted with air until clean. On models with the old style metal lever, be sure the fuel tap is turned to on or the upright position as this is the only way the lever will fit through the hole in the frame.

First, replace the small gasket that goes in between the tank and the fuel tap. Because of the breather pipe you'll only be able to unscrew about degrees at a time before taking the tool off the nut to start again. Then lift directly up, shut off the fuel when the tank is clear, and disconnect the fuel line.

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